Friday, May 11th, 2018 - 3:15 PM – 4:00 PM

Panel: The Most Important Indicators to Optimize Your Practice's Revenue

Taking the necessary steps to prioritize revenue cycle management and optimization is key to not only helping your practice run more efficiently but also improve and maintain profits.

This panel will discuss how physicians can best:

  • Provide staff with the right processes, workflow tools, and guidance to collaborate with patients and payers
  • Manage insurance verification/authorizations, patient access/pre-registration, point-of-service collections, receivables, and denials
  • Identify and integrate the right technology platforms to help your staff and your patients communicate and interact more efficiently
  • Leverage data and KPI monitoring to help track the health of your revenue cycle
  • Implement a preventative approach for potential issues by consistently assessing and updating your revenue cycle strategy
Emma Chung
Healthcare Financial Services, Inc. (HFS)
Emma Chung
Senior Vice President
Healthcare Financial Services, Inc. (HFS)

About Your Presenter(s)

Emma Chung has over twenty-six years of experience in Revenue Cycle. Twelve years directing Patient Access and Patient Financial Service functions in various sized hospitals, healthcare systems and physician practice networks. As a consultant she managed numerous successful projects overseeing assorted aspects of revenue cycle assessments and process improvement implementations. Most recently Emma serves as the Sr. Vice President of Healthcare Financial Services. She leads a team of 125 subject matter experts that provide Revenue Cycle Management services to over 30 Hospitals and 6,000 Physicians to date.

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